Reliable「RCA-2600 Controller」HRX−f SERIES

RCA-2600 Controller
A.User-friendly key select switch on pendant.
B.Wider screen for excellent visibility.(6.5 to 7.5 inches)
C.Unique jog dial for speedy operation.
D.Deliberatively placed AUTO, HOME, PASE, STOP switches.
E.Membrane switches with good touch feeling.
  • Larger 3-position safety switch for easy operation.
  • USB flash memory available.
    (※Some market flash memories unavailable)

Two Half Screens、Password Function、Quick Language Change
Two Half Screens(patent pending)
  • Two half screen view allows inputs and outputs to be monitored simultaneously.
Password Function
  • Password can be used to protect mold memories.
Quick Language Change
  • Language is changeable simply by touching a button.
Grouped Mold Data、User-friendly Help、Point Stop
Grouped Mold Data
  • Mold data can be grouped by users, products, and so on for easy retrieval of needed data. The data can be easily moved, copied and edited.
User-friendly Help
  • Easy-to-understand help with illustrations and lists is provided each screen.
Point Stop
  • Each axis can be moved individually until a desired point is reached.
ANICON、USB Flash Memory Available、Unmanned Operation
  • Animated icons (ANICON) ensure easy operation.
USB Flash Memory Available
  • Mold data can be stored on a USB flash memory.
Unmanned Operation
  • Error actions can be flexibly set for unmanned operation.
Other features
Intuitive operations and a wide variety of functions. Feel excellent operational feeling.
  • Conveyor counter
  • Sampling counter
  • Control box on body for space saving
  • Standard pendant holder. Pendant can be attached to off-the-shelf stand.(in accordance with VESA standard)
  • ROBOT OFF mode by selector switch. Individual operation of molding machine is available without disconnection of interface cable and inserting jumper plug.
  • PAUSE (step sotp) and QUICK PAUSE (instaneous stop) for flexible operation.
  • Teach possible switch to inhibit unauthorized person from going into program mode.
  • Absolute servo system. ABS encoder of 17 bit bus line prolongs battely life to 6 years under normal working environment.
  • Kanji translation to enter mold names.
  • JOG seitches for main arm and sub arm are separately located on the pendant without the need of actuating an arm selector switch.
  • Step verification operation to confirm robot motions at actual speed before automatic operation.
  • Twenty-eight motion items (4 items can be optionally added.)
  • Immediate stop with servo power off, if press door or safety guard is open.
  • Screen saver becomes active without any operation for long period. Backlight off mode is also available.

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