"Iupital" Low Elastic Modulus/High Toughness Grade V20 series

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"Iupital" low elastic modulus/high toughness grades V20 series are new polyacetal grades of low elastic developed with the polymer modified technology. They also have high toughness with significantly improved breaking elongation.


* Low elastic modulus and high toughness even without compounding elastomer.
* Excellent surface impact and outstanding hinge characteristics.
* Less fricative sound. Good for noiseless gear.
* Good for extrusion molding due to slow crystallization.

Grade Line-up

V20-HE* Good wear resistance
V20-MT, V20-HT* Good wear resistance
* Excellent surface impact
* Great strain at break
* Excellent anti-static characteristic

Mechanical Properties: Low Elastic Modules and Great Strain at Break

low elastic modules grades
Standard POM
Test Method Units V20-HE V20-MT V20-HT F20-03
Melt Mass-flow Rate g/10min 10 9 11 9
Yield Stress MPa 47 46 41 61
Elongation at Break % 90 228 300< 60
Weld Elongation (1.6mm) % 20 10 10 20
Flexural Strength MPa 63 65 56 89.7
Flexural Modulus MPa 1.8E+03 1.9E+03 1.6E+03 2.6E+03
Temperature of Deflection Under Load
85 87 84 105

The data described here is representative measured values from our company's tests.

High Toughness Grades: Ductile Fracture by Dart Impact

POM (Standard)
Conditions *:PC Conditions
Material: 100mm, 3mm Material: 100mm, 3mm
Weight: 13.420kg Weight: 13.420kg
Speed: 4.0m/s Speed: 6.0m/s
Tempereture: Room Tempereture Tempereture: Room Tempereture

Hinge Characteristics

Hinge Bending Test Thickness: 0.3mm

Grade Injection Speed: Low Injection Speed: High
90Hinge 180Hinge 90Hinge 180Hinge
F20-03 (once) (twice) (once) (twice)
:Unbroken after 10 tries :Broken within 10 tries

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