Release of New Model "SE-HP" of Injection Molding Machine

August 7, 2006

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Yoshio Hino, President) will release a new model "SE-HP" series of plastics injection molding machines in August 2006.

The SE-HP series is an electric high-speed high-response injection molding machine featuring the injection velocity of 800mm/sec. In the trend of the development of high-speed, high-density, digital information systems, IT-related equipment and system components and parts have become more compact, and the higher degree of difficulty has been claimed for the molding technology in terms of lightweight and thin plastic parts. This new machine model has been developed to mold thin plastic products such as thin guide plates, battery packs, memory cards that had been very difficult to mold. The new machine model is available with mold clamping forces ranging from 490 k·N (50 tons) to 4,410 k·N (450 tons) to meet a wide variety of products.
(1) High-speed, high-response Injection Performance
The injection velocity is improved to 800mm/sec. compared with 300 to 500mm/sec. in the conventional electric injection molding machines, thereby ensuring very thin, highly viscose plastics to be molded easily.
(2) High Stability of Molding
A high-response servo controller is adopted in the conventional DD (direct drive) mechanism, allowing the DD mechanism including the control system to be innovated and the precision molding technology unique to SHI to be further advanced.
(3) Mold Clamping Force Feedback Function
A wide range of mold clamping forces from the minimum to the maximum can be applied to molds. No unnecessary mold clamping forces are applied to molds, ensuring reduction of mold damages. The technology unique to SHI in measuring the mold clamping force by a sensor directly fitted on a tie bar has marked a high supply record of disc-dedicated injection molding machines and won a high reputation among customers.
SE-HP series : Full electric ultra high speed injection moldimg machine

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