Injection Molding CAE Software 3D TIMON

3D TIMON is a 3-dimensional CAE software for injection molding, which is developed by Toray Industries, Inc. It is the only software in the world which can simulate throughout the molding process 3-dimensionally from flow simulation to warpage simulation. 3D TIMON greatly improves productivity in the injection molding field. Using 3D analysis model, 3D TIMON decreases the model creation time which is quite log if you use conventional mid-plane model. 3D TIMON enables highly accurate analysis in thick-walled parts, stepped parts, tapered parts, and insert molding parts by the advantage of its 3D technology.


Direct Link to 3D CAD Using 3D CAD data directly, 3D TIMON miraculously decreases model creation time.
High Accuracy Toray's expertise as a plastics material supplier realizes high accuracy of 3D TIMON.
Open System 3D TIMON can work with other software such as structural analysis software.
Simple Operation Inventive user interfaces, such as the analysis condition input dialog like the condition input screen of molding machine, make 3D TIMON easy to use.


TIMON-Pre/Post Pre/post processor with voxel(brick) mesh generator, specially designed for 3D TIMON.
3D TIMON-FLOW Predict filling process in injection molding. Output: filling pattern, weld angle, etc.
3D TIMON-PACK Predict packing and cooling process. Output: pressure, shrink strain, temperature, etc.
3D TIMON-FIBER Predict fiber orientation of fiber reinforced plastic. Output: fiber orientation.
3D TIMON-WARP Predict warpage and shrinkage in plastics parts. Output: displacement, shrink ratio, etc
3D TIMON-MCOOL Predict temperature distribution of cavity in injection molding process.

System Configuration

WindowsNT,Windows2000(Coming Soon), UNIX
Intel, RISC
Recommend over 512MB
Recommend over 10GB
Recommended Pre/Post processor