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Asahi Kasei is one of Japan’s leading technology companies, with operations extending around the world.
Following the start of ammonia synthesis in 1923, operations have expanded and diversified into a range of fields including Chemicals, Housing, Construction Materials, Fibers, Electronics, Health Care, Services and Others.
As of October 1, 2003, Asahi Kasei has transformed to a holding company configuration, with each business unit having authority and autonomy to respond quickly to changing market needs.
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Products of Asahi Kasei Chemicals
Asahi Kasei Chemicals is one of Japan's top plastics producers, with a broad product lineup including general purpose plastics and engineering plastics.
Business Unit Category Resin Name Trade Name
Performance Plastics Div. Engineering Plastics Polyamide 66 Leona
Polyacetal Tenac
polyphenylene ether
Purging Compound -- Asaclean
Polyethylene Div. General Purpose Plastics High-density
Linear low-density
ABS & SB Latex Div. SAN Stylac-AS
ABS Stylac-ABS
Methacrylates Div. Acrylic Delpet
PS Japan Corporation Polystyrene PSJ-POLYSTYRENE

Performance Plastics Division
Performance Plastics Division is a business unit of Asahi Kasei Chemicals with operations expanding and growing worldwide.

Operations include production, compounding, and sales of Leona nylon 66, Tenac and Tenac-C polyacetal homopolymer and copolymer, and Xyron modified polyphenylene ether, as well as Asaclean purging compounds.

To better serve the needs specific to each customer segment, sales and technical service departments are grouped into three general fields of application: Automotive, electrical and electronic, and industrial.

Our growing production, sales, and technical service network is established in the major markets throughout the world. Based in Japan, operations have expanded to other parts of Asia, Europe, and the US.

ASAHI KASEI engineering plastics
Tenac, Tenac-C (polyacetal)
Production and sales began in May 1972 for homopolymer and in December 1985 for copolymer. Asahi Kasei is the world's only producer of both homopolymer and copolymer polyacetal.
Features: Excellent balance of mechanical properties, low friction and wear characteristics.
Application fields: Automotive parts, electrical & electronic parts, industrial parts.
High-performance grade example: LA series - the world's first diblock polymer primarily comprising a polyacetal homopolymer structure, it features greatly improved friction and wear properties.
Capacity: 44,000 tons/year (20,000 tons/year homopolymer, 24,000 tons/year copolymer).

Leona (polyamid 66)
Production and sales began in May 1972. Cost-competitiveness is obtained through integrated production of feedstocks and intermediates. Asahi Kasei is the only fully integrated PA66 producer in Asia.
Features: Excellent heat resistance, strength, and stiffness.
Application fields: Automotive parts, electrical & electronic parts, parts for office furnishings.
High-performance grade example: 90G series - with enhanced stiffness, excellent surface appearance, and good moldability.
Capacity: 76,000 tons/year.

Xyron (modified polyphenylene ether)
Production and sales began in March 1979. Grades include PPE/PS alloys, PPE/PA alloys, and PPE/PP alloys.
Features: Excellent heat resistance, flame retardance, dimensional stability, and mechanical properties.
Application fields: Automotive parts, electrical & electronic parts, industrial parts.
High-performance grade example: L series - with greatly improved flowability and exceptionally low gas evolution.
Capacity: 83,000 tons/year (35,000 tons/year in Japan, 48,000 tons/year in Singapore).

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