Sailor:High Performance Full Servo Robots [ RZ-V Series ]

A full servo robot of advance function.

Product Introduction
3 or 5axis Full Servo Traverse Robots
A totally utilized of servo performance, high precision injecion molding machine standard model.

Aluminum-traversing frame
Rack & Pinion Mechanism
guarantee the dependability and durability.
Vibration Suppression Control
suppresses vibrations during parts extraction.
Integrated System Power Supply and Amplifer
enables the reuse of energy recovered during motor speed deceleration.
Voice Guidance
facilitate usage and achieve eazier operation.
Compact Flash
Keeping every different mold setup data
Equipped a standard software of high performance operation
etcmuliti-functional palletizing operation, degate at end of traverse end etc.
Dimensional Drawings (Japanese)

performance operation 0.8 sec.
Dry Cycle 5.0 sec.
12 inches TFT touch panel display
Utilizes laptop size operation screen
12 inches TFT touch panel display

Power Supply AC200V10% 50/60Hz
Maximun electric power required 3 - 6kVA
Normal air pressure 0.5 - 0.6MPa
Maximum air pressure capacity 0.97MPa
Driving method AC Servo motor
Maximum loading capacity 10 - 15kg (inclusive of gripper weight)
Accuracy of re-positioning 0.1mm

Model Molding Machine application Stroke Air Consumption
Vetical Stroke
Traverse Stroke
Stripe (Extract) Stroke
Parts-side Runner-side
RZ-50V S - 50t 600 1200 440 10
W 370 220 10
RZ-100V S 75 - 120t 800 1400 480 10
W 400 280 10
RZ-200V S 150 - 250t 900 1600 580 10
W 500 280 10
RZ-300V S 250 - 350t 1200 1800 780 10
W 700 280 10
RZ-500VT S 350 - 650t 1600 2000 1080 25
W 920 400 35
RZ-700VT S 650 - 850t 2000 2400 1280 30
W 1120 400 40
S : Single arm W : Double arm

Standard Specification Options
1 A-Type Wrist Turn Unit 1 AB, D-type Wrist Turn Unit
2 Parts vacuum cirsuit with detection. 2 Volume Up to Vacuum 2 Systems
3 Parts gripper with detection 3 Vacuum Circuit for Parts Side Runner
4 Wirst turn sequence control 4 Chuck Pivot and its Position Setup
5 Parts/Runner Rejecting of Priority, Vertically Setup 5 Parts Unload 2 Positions(with Vertical Shift)
6 Runner release at midway of traverse Forward/Backward 6 Traverse Beam Degater (4 Positions/Cycle)
7 Palletizing (999 positions) or Shift Palletizing and Direction 7 Traverse Beam Degating Direction Setup (All Axis)
8 Intermediate Traverse wait position (Rock Mold Capable) 8 Cut Inside Chuck at Unloading or On the way Position
9 Teaching Data Check Function 9 Chuck Pitch Adjustment
10 Primary Rejection, NG and Overflow Rejection 10 Under Cut Release by Air Clinder
11 Molding Shutdown Mode after Consecutive NG Signal 11 Parts Vacuum Circuit Multi-System
12 Vertical Arm Stay and Wait at Proximity to Mold Halt Position 12 Brawer Specification
13 Optimize Curved Approach on Arm Movement 13 Vacuum Release Circuit-Air Brow
14 Mold Data, File Name, Comments Saved Memory 14 Unload Parts after a Tentative Storage
15 Alarm histroy reporting (with time of occurred display) 15 Throw in Partitions Movement
16 Maintenance records and requirement with alarm notice 16 Mold Insert (with Insert and Parts Take-out Movements)
17 Teach positioning on the fly in Auto operation (max 3mm) 17 Hinge Bending, Lid Closing
18 Power save operation, Servo power OFF 18 Interlock with Molding Machine Cores Remove
19 Sampling mode 19 Unattended Operation
20 Production Control Mode 20 Halt inside Mold When Extracting Error

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