Chilling Unit (Water Cooling Type)

Adaptable for a wide range of molding jobs from ultrahigh precision
parts to large articles.
Available in a wide variation.

Control range   :   +5 to +18 degree C
Control accuracy   :   +- 1 degree C
Model   :   DC-3-WN to DC-120-WN (9.9 to 476.7kW)
Control method   :   ON-OFF of the Refrigerator

A great capability of highly advanced precision molding,yet at a low cost....
The stringent requirement of the molding industry and the Central Type is built to meet the demand.

The cooling capacity of 476.7kW and 50mAq*45kW of pumping capacity are big enough to deserve the name central. Efficient starting and power saving are only a few of the efforts made in the designing.

  1. +- 1 degree C, the ultimate of temperature control accuracy.

    Flexible volume control has been made possible for individual machine model !
    The best suitable molding temperature is selected.
    Besides, stable temperature controlling at +- 1 degree C accuracy and power saving have been realized.

  2. Surprisingly high jet stream with high flow rate and water pressure of 50mAq !

    The increase of flow rate increased efficiency of thermal conduction(Alpha value). Thus shortening the molding time greatly. This,of courese,increases the productivity of a molding shop... and it is because of the 50mAq high power jet stream.

  3. Quick start of operation!

    A bypass circuit has been built for the refrigerant to reduce the starting load. No need to mention the great saving in power consumption.

  4. No back pressure !

    Both the internal circulating system and the process circuit have own pumps. As a result, the back pressure has been reduced to nearly "0".

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