Mold Temperature Controller ( For Disk Molding )

Triple line controlling of high temperature range from +10 to +120(+130) degree C,
Desinged exclusively for DISK MOLDING and HOT-RUNNER temperature controlling...

Control range   :   +10 to +120(+130) degree C
Control accuracy   :   Less than +- 1 degree C
Model   :   DCH-2M / DCH-3M

Temperature controlling over a wide range offers many advantages. Controlling of three molding lines is made possible. A great power of controlling and many excellent functions, yet it's slender design fully satisfies the present by market needs. Not only for the excellent functions, but also for such needs of space saving and high controlling efficiency,every possible design effort has been made.

  1. The slender design for space saving and refrigerator built in.

    Refrigerator is built in this establishment space.

  2. High flow and high lift pump adopted.

    We selected high flow and high pressure pump in order to secure coefficient of heat transfer.

  3. Temperature accuracy becomes stable.

    The heat exchanger adopted to eliminate unstable control accuracy of high temperature zone which has been considered as one defective point of the direct cooling system.

  4. Automatic air purging mechanism buit in.

    Carried the automatic air purge mechanism to prevent rust of mold.

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