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EnplaNet is a Web site providing users engaged in the high value-added plastics business with the latest information ranging from the plastic resins, additives, polymer processing, machinery, moulds, and design software, to the outlook for users' needs. EnplaNet will also serve as a professional forum that will offer you the opportunity to exchange information and opinions within the industry.

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EnplaNet is an "information exchange and communication plaza" for the high-tech plastics business, bringing together the suppliers and buyers of plastic resins, machinery, moulds, additives, design software and polymer processors. "from Supply to Needs, from Needs to Supply". You can create new business through this site!

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Yushin Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd. : (2009.02.25)
Yushin Officially Launches 4 Models of New “RC Series” Robots

Zeon Corporation : (2008.11.25)
ZEON Develops a new COP for Blue Laser Disc Optical Pickup Lenses

Yushin Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd. : (2007.08.29)
Establishment of a Local Subsidiary in India.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. : (2007.04.10)
SD40E Electric disc molding machine by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Yushin Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd. : (2007.03.30)
"Sixth Plant" has been completed in the headquarters' site
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Toray Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Injection Molding CAE Software 3D TIMON

Yushin Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Servo Traverse Robot: RCII/RB/RAII-a Series

Kawata Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
Hot air dryer (ACEDRYER Z)ADF Series 15/25/50/75/100/150

Yushin Precision Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Take-out robot for vertical molding machine

Kawata Mfg. Co.,Ltd.

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