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EnplaNet will provide you with not only the means of obtaining information on the engineering-plastics industry, but also the chance to create new business opportunities by presenting your potentialities to other users.
Aiming to be of some service to you and your business through our site, EnplaNet will keep improving the contents to fulfill requests and needs of users. We are at anytime pleased to receive your application for the exhibition.
We provide you with following services on the net: will give you full support for further development of your business network, discovery of new partners and contact with new clients

1. Home pages of your company including ;

Company information

Presentation of your products, technology, and services, etc.

News release

2. "Exhibition Corners" for your presentation
EnplaNet has an around the clock "exhibition corners" for you to use it as a place to present your products to exchange information and opinions.
EnplaNet also organizes from time to time "Seminars" on specific themes.

3. Providing a comprehensive and useful search function and "hot topics"
A complete search function of EnplaNet will guide users to the information that they need through various categories classified by company, product, application, and theme, etc.
EnplaNet will also provide users with up-to-date topics of the industry. is at anytime pleased to receive your application for the exhibition room.
If you have any inquiries or opinions, please contact us at the following Customer Service.

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